Simon Pegg relied on Wikia site to fact-check Star Trek: Beyond script

Like most science-fiction, Star Trek is overflowing with technobabble. It can be hard to keep track of which made up things are which, even if you’re a long-time Trek fan who’s starring in and writing the script for a new Star Trek movie. Simon Pegg recently revealed the secret to keeping all the facts straight while writing the new Trek script: the Memory Alpha Wiki.

Memory Alpha is user-managed site in the Wikia network. As you can probably guess, it’s devoted to cataloging all things Star Trek. According to Pegg, there were numerous times he had to search Memory Alpha to figure out if something he was writing about fit with the Star Trek lingo that already existed. I mean, you don’t want to confuse a warp plasma conduit with an EPS manifold. That would just be silly.

Pegg even recounts being unable to come up with the proper technobabble name for a device in the upcoming film. So, he and collaborator Doug Jung contacted the Memory Alpha admins, and within two hours they had “an entire etymological history” of the device. When Simon Pegg calls, nerds will answer.

This was all for the Star Trek: Beyond script Pegg penned. The film is due to come out July 22, 2016. The first trailer (above) was widely criticized by making Star Trek look like just another action movie. Pegg says the frailer doesn’t represent the film well, and fans will be pleased with the final result. With all that canonically accurate technobabble, how could we lose?

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