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AMD has always believed that PC users should GET MORE from their hardware, and has demonstrated this by delivering innovation and value at every opportunity.  Today we are excited to announce the new AMD A10-7890K APU which is the fastest AMD desktop APU released to date, with 1.02 TFLOPS of theoretical compute performance1. In addition, we’re announcing the new AMD Athlon™ X4 880K, the fastest multi-core AMD Athlon™ processor ever released with a 4.2 GHz maximum turbo clock rate.2

Not only do these new processors represent a new high-water mark in the AMD Athlon™ X4 and A-series processor lines, but they come bundled with AMD’s most exciting, near-silent cooling solutions to date.

The New A10-7890K APU with AMD Wraith Cooler

The A10-7890K APU has been paired with the top-of-the-line AMD Wraith Cooler to deliver a potent combination of performance, near silent operation, and stylish illuminated shroud for a premium experience. Gamers will be able to take advantage of great performance thanks to high clock rates and built-in Radeon™ R7 graphics, and have a great immersive experience in some of the most popular online and eSports games right out of the box.

Best-In-Class Online Gaming with AMD Radeon™ Graphics

The A10-7890K can provide smooth gaming at full 1080p HD with high details enabled in some of the world’s most popular online games

Not only is the AMD A10-7890K a great performer for your games, but it is feature rich to support today’s and tomorrow’s applications.  AMD APUs combine the power of AMD processors with the performance of discrete Radeon R7 class graphics in one convenient SoC and support DirectX® 12, OpenGL, Vulkan™, and FreeSync™, in addition to Microsoft® Xbox One™ game streaming.

Build it the way you want

With support for DDR3-2133 and higher with AMD Memory Profiles; get smoother gaming when you connect an AMD FreeSync™ technology-enabled monitor, take advantage of unlocked3 AMD CPU and GPU Cores, and be  able to upgrade to the latest PCIe® Gen 3 Graphics Cards to enable performance gaming at ultra-HD resolutions.

The New AMD Athlon™ X4 880K with Near-silent 125W AMD Thermal Solution

We’ve gotten some very positive feedback about the capable AMD Wraith Cooler’s impressive thermal performance, so we decided to make the same, capable hardware available to the new AMD Athlon™ X4 880K processor. Introducing the near-silent 125W AMD Thermal Solution, for when results are all that matter: featuring the AMD Wraith Cooler’s near-silent operation and capable thermal performance, without the illuminated shroud.7,8

The AMD Athlon™ X4 880K delivers on all counts. It’s the fastest Athlon™ X4 processor that AMD has ever produced, with four cores and a maximum 4.2 GHz turbo clock; it has the new near-silent 125W Thermal Solution, with power to spare for this processor’s 95W TDP; and its multiplier unlocked, allowing users to exercise a highly configurable power and performance curve via AMD OverDrive™ software.3

You can pair the AMD Athlon™ X4 processor with a low-cost Radeon™ R7 360 discrete graphics card for excellent 1080p online gaming performance, but this hardware has the chops to go even further: the AMD Athlon™ X4 880K can propel a moderate Radeon™ R7 370-class graphics card into smooth 1440p and even 4K frame rates on some of the most popular online games in the world, at high detail settings with anti-aliasing enabled.

The A10-7870K, Now including the New, Near-silent 125W AMD Thermal Solution

We also thought our existing A10-7870K APU could use some love, so we’ve replaced the existing cooler with the new near-silent 125W AMD Thermal Solution without raising the price. That means that A10-7870K buyers can now benefit from AMD Wraith Cooler-class near-silent operation and capable thermal performance, just without the illuminated shroud. 7,8

The new AMD A10-7890K,  and Athlon™ X4 880K processors and thermal solutions, and the AMD A10-7870K with its new 125W Thermal Solution are planned to be available for sale at the end of March 2016 at select retailers/e-tailers and participating system vendors

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