islam comp - not turning of flux edition

I Want to end this comp with a request

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Yesterday the Dutch made a big impact on the European Union by voting on the Ukraine referendum that resulted in a massive NO (against) with 61% of the votes.

This referendum was kickstarted by geenpeil that collected enough signatures to give us an actual referendum.

I hereby ask my countrymen to sign a new online petition, so we can have a new referendum.

This new Dutch referendum will be about




I think everybody who has been on FJ for over a week has seen these things here. So i doubt i need to explain a lot.

We can fight this

Today there have already been online over 73.000 signatures collected. 600.000 are needed. Where are my Dutch bro's at? Sign the petition.

Edit: we got over 75.000 now, we can do it kerels

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