Don’t live on the edge, check out the best Galaxy S7 Edge cases

Carved Traveler Wood Case ($24+)

Beautiful, unique, hand-finished wood is the name of the game at Carved, and the company offers a wide range of different types of wood. You can enjoy the plain wood grain or opt for a case with a colorful printed design. The cases themselves are made of slim, black polycarbonate with a flexible bumper for your S7 Edge. There are cut-outs for the camera, ports, and other functions. Your choice of wood panel is inlaid in the back. These cases are slim, but they’re made with real wood. The cases don’t provide rugged drop protection, however, and you should expect the wood to age.

Patchworks Flexguard Case ($15)

Patchworks Flexguard Case

This is a practical, soft, TPU case that’s very easy to put on your Galaxy. It also features enhanced protection in the corners to bear the brunt of any impact. The textured sides add grip, and you’ll find pronounced button covers that work well. The cut-outs are generous for easy access to the ports and camera. There’s a dimpled pattern on the back with a subtle, gloss logo and you’ll find the Patchworks name on the side, but, overall, this is quite a plain case.

Ghostek Cloak Case ($20)

Ghostek Cloak Case

You can still enjoy the design of your S7 Edge with this clear TPU case on. It’s a flexible, protective case that should prevent scratches and absorb impact damage. Unusually, the clear TPU is joined by an aluminum bumper in black, gold, pink, red, or silver. This gives the case a more solid feel. There are metallic button covers and the openings for the ports and camera are adequate. Keep in mind that the bundled screen protector is not the best, so don’t let it sway you.

Cover-Up WoodBack Explorer Case ($24 to $28)

Cover-Up WoodBack Explorer Case

Here’s another wooden case option for the S7 Edge, one that is available with a wide range of natural wood grain finishes for the back panel. It holds your phone in a black polycarbonate shell that’s slightly flexible and features textured strips on both sides to really enhance your grip. There are very slim button covers and good-sized openings for the ports, camera, and other functions. If you prefer something more minimal, Cover-Up offers the Snap case, which is a much slimmer shell with cutouts for the buttons.

Noreve Horizontal Wallet Flap Case ($55)

Noreve Horizontal Wallet Flap Case

Classy, padded leather with neat stitching provides all-round protection with this wallet case from Noreve. It opens folio-style to reveal a couple of slots for cards and a thin shell that holds your S7 Edge securely in place. It’s a minimal shell, so it maintains easy access to your buttons and ports, and there’s a good-sized cut-out on the back for the camera. The cover is held in place by a classic stud closure. You can also customize this case with a wide range of different leather finishes and colors, though it may cost you a little more.

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