Very rare Beavis & Butt-head prototype arcade cabinet found and restored

If you grew up in the 90s, then you no doubt remember Beavis & Butt-head. The MTV show was a huge hit, and led to a handful of video games and even a major movie. You may know that there was a tie-in video game released for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, but there was also an arcade game by Atari that was scrapped because it failed location tests.

Thanks to Galloping Ghost Arcade, this forgotten prototype has been restored and can now be enjoyed by the public, but bringing the game back to life wasn’t an easy task.

“When we received the cabinet, its proprietary CD drive was not working and the game was completely dead,” said Galloping Ghost Arcade on their Facebook page. “The drive had an odd ribbon cable we’d not seen before. The jamma based PCB looked to be in very nice shape as did the entire cabinet. The CDs would not recognize in a PC so we were unsure of their functionality.”

“While the game would not start, when the reset button in the cabinet was pressed, a 3DO logo would display,” the post continued to say. “That sparked the idea to go do a little research on the 3DO. It quickly looked like the drive in the old Panasonic 3DO used the same cable. We went out the next day and found a used 3DO and opened it up.” The post concluded: “Taking the drive out and just connecting it to the PCB did not start the drive properly. So we put the drive back in the 3DO and let the Power go from the 3DO to the drive and the data cable go to the Beavis and Butthead PCB. Moments later, Seth Young and I heard the incredibly recognizable music of the Beavis and Butthead theme song. Now it is available for all to play!”

If you’re ever in Brookfield, Illinois, do yourself a favor and head over to the Galloping Ghost Arcade and check the game out.

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