This could be the new king of iPhone battery cases

The iPhone has long been plagued with battery issues, and if you’re an iPhone user you’ve probably experienced the horror of running out of juice before the end of the day. The remedy? Either stay near chargers as much as possible, or buy a battery case.

The main problem with battery cases is that they tend to be bulky or look like they have a strange growth, like Apple’s iPhone case. This new case fixes those issues. It’s called the Air Case, and it’s being touted by the company behind it as the thinnest battery phone case in the world, coming in at only 3.8mm in added thickness and 69 grams.

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The case is roughly identical in size to the ThinCharge iPhone case, which also launched on Indiegogo last October. Both are very thin, but add more than a full extra charge to the phone. ThinCharge adds 2,600mAh to the new iPhone, and the new Air Case adds 2,400mAh. The difference in capacity is small, but the price difference is not. Air Case is launching at around $40, which is about a third of the $130 price that the ThinCharge case goes for on Amazon. Apple’s bulky Smart Battery Case comes with a $100 price tag.

“We were able to bring down the cost in the crowdfunding phase, because there is no middle man involved in the selling process, ie no marketing cost, no storage cost and no distribution cost,” Leo Li, chief product designer for Air Case, told Digital Trends. He did, however, also mention that after the Indiegogo campaign, the price of the case would go up.

Putting aside the ThinCharge case, big-name cases from companies like Mophie are much bulkier. According to Li, a lot of experimentation went into the battery circuit to make sure that it was as thin as possible.

The Air Case charges the same way you charge your phone — just plug it in. In fact, the case slots into your phone’s Lightning port. When you plug the case in, your phone will charge first, then the battery case will take its turn. According to Li, it takes an hour and 45 minutes to charge either the case or the phone, and three and a half hours to charge both. Not bad.

If you’re interested in getting an Air Case for yourself, then head to the Indiegogo campaign. One case costs $40, but you can buy multiple, or even a distributor pack, which costs $5,000 if you’re ambitious. The case is available for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus.

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