15 handy HTC 10 tips and tricks to master your phone

It’s been a rocky couple of years, but you’d be daft to count HTC out. The beleaguered company is setting the standard in virtual reality with the HTC Vive, and now there’s a sexy new smartphone on the scene, in the shape of the HTC 10. This could be the beginning of a comeback. If you’ve been lured in by this gorgeous smartphone, then you’ll want to know exactly how to get the best out of it. It’s time for some HTC 10 tips and tricks.

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HTC included a variety of options to help you wake up your HTC 10. Our favorite option is simply tapping the fingerprint sensor. You can turn it on by ticking the box in Settings > Fingerprint scanner > Wake up screen.

You can also use the common double tap method on the screen to bring your HTC 10 to life on the lock screen. You can swipe up from the bottom to bring up whatever you were doing last. You can swipe left to right to bring up the Home widget panel, or right to left for Blinkfeed. There’s one more option we deal with later. These gestures can all be turned on or off in Settings > Display & gestures > Motion Launch gestures.

This isn’t unique to the HTC 10, but it is really handy. Go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock and you can set up Trusted devices and Trusted places. This means that, for example, the lock screen security will automatically turn itself off when your HTC 10 is at home or connected to your Bluetooth system in the car.

Take a look in Settings > Power and you’ll find Power saver and Extreme power saver options that will prolong battery life by turning down performance. You can tap on Power saver and Extreme power saver to have them automatically turn on when your battery reaches a specific level. If you want some general tips, check out how to save smartphone battery.

You can use a few actions to quickly prompt your HTC 10 to change volume. Go to Settings > Sound & notification, and you’ll find the option to Flip to mute, Quiet ring on pickup, and turn on Pocket mode. The first two are self-explanatory. Pocket mode will detect when your HTC 10 is in your bag or pocket and automatically raise the volume of the ring to make sure you can hear it.

If you decide that the screen is too warm, or it feels over-saturated, you can change your color profile. Go to Settings > Display & gestures > Color profile, and you’ll find Vivid or sRGB options. Vivid is a bit more saturated, but you can actually tweak the profiles to suit you, by tapping the three horizontal dots at the right hand side of each option to reveal a Warmer/Colder slider.

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