Metal Gear Solid fans creating virtual reality museum featuring David Hayter

Earlier this year we brought you a story about a group of fans who were working on recreating the first Metal Gear Solid game with updated graphics using Unreal Engine 4. The project was suddenly cancelled last month for an unknown reason. However, the team behind Shadow Moses are now working on a different sort of project for VR systems. Most interesting of all, they have brought David Hayter, the original Snake voice actor, on board to help them with this game.

The new project is being called The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid. This is more of an experience than it is a game since you won’t actually be playing anything. Users can expect a virtual museum tour that contains art from fans of the MGS series and from some collaborators of the team. The fan art is posted in key MGS locations like Shadow Moses Island and the field of flowers from Metal Gear Solid 3. In the video, you can hear David Hayter saying Snake’s famous “Kept you waiting, huh?” line.

The group behind the project states that this endeavor is not for profit and was created for fans who love Metal Gear Solid. However, just because this project is non-profit doesn’t mean that Konami isn’t within its rights to shut it down at any time. If Konami is okay with this, then expect it to be available in May. Which VR system it will be for isn’t stated, but we can surmise it will be for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift since both should be readily available by then.

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