Resident Evil: Bio-Terror is a new virtual reality game only playable in Dubai

Last October, Capcom revealed that the team behind Resident Evil were focusing on creating games for virtual reality in addition to console games. Since Capcom said the aim of these VR games would be to create truly immersive horror experiences, this naturally lead folks to speculate that we would one day see a VR Resident Evil game. That day is soon to arrive as it has been announced Resident Evil: Bio-Terror will bring the classic survival horror genre into the virtual reality realm.

Very little information is known about this title, but we do know that Resident Evil: Bio-Terror is more like Sega’s House of the Dead than it is the first-person Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. What this means is admittedly a bit fuzzy since both are on-rails light gun shooters.

The big catch here is that the game will only be available to play by those who visit Hub Zero, an entertainment park which is located in Dubai. Capcom choosing to have the game playable in Dubai may seem strange, but it does make some sort of sense. Dubai has a strong gaming community and it is certainly a great place to field test the title before potentially launching it worldwide.

Resident Evil: Bio-Terror won’t be the only title available to play at the park either, so Capcom will be able to see how much of a draw the title is compared to the other games on show. If it turns out to be very popular it probably won’t remain a Dubai-only game for long.

We’ll let you know if and when this title is announced for release in the West.

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