Souls Lore 2 - Alonne and the Iron King

The Old Iron King was the one bestowed with Lord Soul which once belonged to the great Lord Gwyn.
He began as a small and powerless lord who wished to build an unstoppable kingdom. Sacrificing everything he had to his goal, he worked toward greatness.

During the Iron King's ascension to power a wandering warrior entered his kingdom. Sir Alonne, a powerful knight from a distant land appeared before the King and offered his services as he could sense greatness within him.

Alonne's loyalty and service to the King alongside the King's discovery of a miracle which allowed for the manipulation of metal caused for the kingdom to flourish.
The Iron King clad his soldier in Iron Armor similar in design to the of Alonne's and built massive iron structures.

When the Iron King's kingdom had achieved some of it's greatest feats, Alonne disappeared. Possibly believing the King was no longer in need of his services or against the Kings lavish lifestyle and charlatan friends, he returned to wandering the Land.
It was this decision which was the beginning of the fall of the kingdom...

With Alonne gone and the King's insatiable lust for more structures and increased defence, the weight of his castle began sinking into the Earth and lava began to surface.
With the lava rising everything began to fall apart. Out of the fires rose the Smelter Demon.

A monsterous fusion of iron, fire and a soul, possibly created by Eygil the King's pyromancer, the Smelter Demon hunted the Iron King and slew him. Casting his body into the molten metal he was responsible for, the Iron King transformed...

While his body was within the molten metal and lava something stirred. An evil awoke and consumed the Kings body. It consumed his soul and become a behemoth of a demon.
Now a monster, the Old Iron King waited in a lake of lava violently engaging anyone and anything who dared enter his domain.
He had been reborn from the fire as Ichorous Earth.

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