Souls Lore 2 - Ashen Bride & Fume Knight

Nadalia, Bride of Ash was a humanoid being who appeared at Brume Tower after the Iron King had been slain. A sentient fragment of the Darkness which came from Manus, destroyed by the Chosen Undead many years ago, she came to the Land in search of a powerful ruler whom she could manipulate.

On arrival at the Kingdom she was thrown into a great despair. The death of the King meant she had no one to use.
In her sadness she separated herself into multiple Idols which cast a black fog over the tower. This fog resurrected the fallen king's dead soldiers and turned them into sentries, sworn to protect her.

Many years after the fall of the Iron Kingdom, Velstadt, Right Arm of Vendrick and Raime, Left Arm of Vendrick came into conflict. The two fought, but eventually the King of Drangleic deemed Raime a traitor to his kingdom.
Furious, Raime left to seek another power to serve.

The Knight with the Raven sigil eventually reached Brume Tower. He fought his way through Nadalia's minions and eventually came before the Seed of Darkness.
Instead of slaying her though, he became attached to the woman.

Embracing the evil fog she had created and becoming consumed with her, Raime became her loyal guardian. He used his talents with his sword and ultra greatsword to dispatch anyone who dared harm his his motherly Queen...
Until the Bearer of the Curse set foot in the Tower...

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