No need to wait, a video that may show the HTC 10 has been leaked

HTC has a lot to prove in 2016, and the company needs a strong flagship Android phone to do it. Rumors are gathering around the HTC 10, the long-awaited successor to the One M9. Now that the official launch date has been set for April 12, we’re closer than ever to seeing the new flagship. In the meantime, you can catch up on all the rumors and news here in our roundup.

HTC gave us an official glimpse of its next flagship with a teaser image it sent to media outlets in late February. Teaser images usually leave a lot to the imagination, and this one is no exception. However, it does show a chamfer on the back side, which is very similar to an earlier leaked image (see below).

The only other information HTC provides is the tagline, “Power of 10,” which seems to indicate that it could be called the One M10. It’s also possible that the “Power of 10” could be referring to a Windows 10 phone, but that’s unlikely. You’ll also notice the hashtag #powerof10, which probably means that HTC will used it a lot in social media posts leading up the event.

Just a day before the official unveiling, what seems to be a promotional video for the HTC 10 was leaked by The video shows a phone being made from a solid block of metal, eventually taking the form of a previously unseen HTC device. It certainly has an authentic look, but there’s no way to verify it just yet.

Romanian website QuickMobile put up some images for the pre-order of HTC’s upcoming flagship, which you should take with a grain of salt as we can’t confirm that they’re real. The renders have “@upleaks” on them, which leads us to believe that QuickMobile may not have the most accurate, and up-to-date information from HTC. The images, however, do match almost every other leaked image we have come across.

The website lists the devices as available in gold, black, and silver, though the silver variant looks almost the exact same as the gold. For a better look at the purported silver version, take a look at the previously leaked images below.

These images come from a French tech site,, who received them from a Chinese sales platform called Taobao. The images are fairly high-quality, and offer a glimpse of what appears to be the HTC 10 from almost all angles.

The images show us a black and silver variant of HTC’s latest device, and although we can’t verify these particular images as real, the sheer number of identical leaks makes it seem as though the HTC 10 will indeed look like the device in these shots.

We got another glimpse of the phone earlier from Twitter, courtesy of @stagueve, with two HTC phones alongside each other. Both appear to be identical, and the tweet uses the #HTC10 hashtag, just in case there’s any doubt that’s what’s being leaked. The design is in-line with other leaks. There’s a metal body shell, dramatically chamfered edges, a large HTC logo, and a top-center camera lens.

Before this, Twitter user @tanalibera also posted images of a reported HTC 10. They show the rear and front of the handset, and would seem to confirm many of the specifications that have been so far rumored: thick chamfered edges, sloping rear casing, and a large camera with dual flash. Perhaps most notably, the photos show two capacitive buttons: a back button and multitasking button.

Earlier in March, famous leaker @OnLeaks revealed a few more live pictures of what could be the HTC 10. The image of the back clearly shows the same chamfer on the back edge we have seen before.

We also get our first look at the bottom of the device, which is quite interesting. The presence of a speaker calls into doubt whether the HTC 10 will be as sonically impressive as past HTC phones. It also appears that HTC will switch to USB Type-C for the phone’s charging port.

OnLeaks did say these images are of a prototype so there could be differences in the final product.

Also in early March, Evan Blass leaked new press images of the front, back, top, bottom, and left side of the device. These images seem to confirm what the above live photos show. However, it’s our first look at the microphone jack at the top and either a SIM tray or MicroSD card slot on the left side.

A leaked image from mid-February shows a closeup of the upper backside. The image first appeared on Chinese site Weibo, but was pulled shortly thereafter. Thankfully, we were able to capture it from Techtastic.

The phone in the picture appears to feature an all-metal body with HTC’s familiar antenna lines. Other than the obvious camera lens, we see what looks like a dual-LED flash to the right of it along with a laser autofocus just below. The microphone jack is at the top center.

The edges of the phone are what we find most interesting. They sport a unique chamfer on the back side — something we have not seen before on an HTC One phone.

Unfortunately we have no idea if this phone is an older prototype or something completely made up.

In early February, a tweet from @evleaks gave us what could be the first glimpse of the phone itself. There’s not much to go on regarding the design, because it’s viewed from the front rather than the rear. The curvy shoulders and what may be a gold-colored chassis are evident, along with plastic antenna lines in the body, and a large camera lens next to the speaker.

To illustrate the similarity between the phone which may be the One M10 and the existing One A9, we’ve put the two images beside each other above. The overall shape is certainly reminiscent. However, the leaked picture isn’t official, and the design may not be that of the final product.

Another hint came from @evleaks on Twitter in late January, who stated that, “If you like the A9, you’ll love the M10.” This suggests he has been provided with unofficial information on the phone’s design, and that it’s similar to the already announced — and very sleek — HTC One A9. That’s good news, if you like your HTC phones to look like an iPhone.

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