Pulp heroes that are a ready for a comeback

Before comic book movies and television shows, before comic books themselves, before the concept of superheroes even existed, there were the pulps. Cheaply printed magazines featuring lurid, sensational stories, oftentimes headlined by amazing, fantastical heroes — the ancestors of modern superheroes. Some of these characters have managed to hang on, either through adaptations in new mediums or through the direct influence they had on their superhero successors. But others have languished into obscurity or disuse, and are more than ready for a comeback.

What are your favorite pulp heroes? How would you like to see them return to prominence? Tell us in the comments down below.

Aubrey Sitterson is the creator of his own pulpy serial, the sword & sorcery podcast SKALD, available on iTunes, Stitcher & Podomatic. Follow him on Twitter or check out his website for more information.

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