The 10 most streamed video games this week

We’re back once again with the top 10 most streamed games and most viewed channels across streaming services. After a bit of a shake up last week, things have returned to normal for the top ten streamed games and channels. While numbers have mostly remained steady, we don’t see much that sticks out from what is expected each week.

As always, these numbers come to us from the stream monitoring service, Gamoloco. These charts are based on the nearly million people and more than 26,000 channels on streaming services worldwide.

Here are the top 10 streamed games from April 4 to April 10:

Here are the top 10 channels and streamers from the same time period:

League of Legends returns to the top of the most streamed games list this week after being knocked down a rung by Counter-Strike, which is now back to its usual number two position. World of Tanks makes a surprising appearance on the list and takes the sixth slot. Tom Clancy’s The Division maintains a spot in the top 10, though it seems to be slipping down with each passing week. Dark Souls III is noticeably absent after being on the list for a couple of weeks but I suspect it will make a return after it is released in North America tomorrow.

The list of most streamed channels has more or less returned to normal this week. Last week was dominated by channels featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but now we see some of the usual channels showcasing games like Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Minecraft. The one channel that sticks out is lirik, which came in at number six with Overwatch. This channel often features more recently released titles (or ones that are in beta), so its not surprising to see it stream something that is different from the others.

Make sure to come back here next week to see the latest top 10 gaming streams.

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