See how Doom’s reverse sleeve cover was created in this amazing time-lapse video

These days, video game cover art isn’t much to look at. Most game boxes feature the protagonist of a game front and center, usually holding a weapon of some kind. The cover art for the upcoming Doom (seen below) is almost a parody of these types of covers, which is odd considering how a game where you fight demonic hellspawn had a lot to work. The cover was lampooned on social media to the point where Bethesda had to create reverse sleeve art that folks could swap out for the bland and boring official cover.

On Twitter, Bethesda released two images for people to vote on, with the winner being the one that would adorn the inner sleeve of the game’s box. The video below shows how the winning piece of art was created by id Software’s Alex Palma. The picture is an homage to the original cover of the first Doom game. Like that classic image, we see the unnamed space marine surrounded by a horde of evil demons that are out to kill him. Despite being faced with overwhelming odds, it’s clear that the protagonist is in control of the situation. It’s a striking image that, I dare say, is actually better than the original ’90s artwork.

While Doom will still feature its official generic-looking cover art, it is nice to know that we can swap it out for something that makes us actually want to play the game. Hopefully Bethesda will sell this piece of art in their store sometime in the future.

Doom will be released for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 13.

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