Today's Best : Holiday Lasers, Fallout 4, Magnetic Knife Strip, and More

Fallout 4, a holiday laser projector, and a magnetic knife strip kick off Thursday’s best deals.

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You don’t need it for another 7 months or so, but $20 is by far the best price we’ve seen on a landscape laser light projector, if you want to get an early jump on your holiday decorating.

If you aren’t familiar, these genius little gadgets use lasers to project red and green lights onto the front of your house, giving the appearance of holiday spirit without the hassle of actually hanging up outdoor lights. Last year was the first time they were widely available, but they were almost impossible to find, and consistently cost $40-$50. So yes, this deal is about half a year ahead of schedule, but it never hurts to plan ahead.

If you still haven’t picked up Fallout 4, Amazon will sell you a copy on PC for just $30 today, even if you don’t have the Cap Collector perk.

Unfortunately, the PS4 and Xbox One versions aren’t included in this Gold Box deal, but they’re priced at $39 and $40 respectively, which is pretty solid.

If you have any use for a desktop computer, this tiny HP is on sale for just $330 on Amazon today, and it includes shockingly great specs.

It’s not a powerhouse or anything, but that looks like a really solid little computer! You could use it as a home theater PC, a low-end Steambox, or just as your main computer. Just note that this is a Gold Box deal, meaning this price is only available today, or until sold out.

If you hurry, Amazon’s selling your undisputed favorite travel mug, the Contigo Autoseal West Loop, for as little as $13, one of the best prices we’ve ever seen, and a solid discount from its usual $18-$20. Just be sure to grab one before the deal cools off.

After a longer-than-usual layoff, PayPal’s eBay storefront is once again offering a solid discount on a $100 iTunes gift card. This time around, it’s a 15% discount, compared to the more frequent 20% deal, but if your balance is empty or running low, it’s still worth stocking up.

It’s a scientific fact that a magnetic strip is the coolest looking way to store your knives. It’s also less likely to blunt them than dropping them into a knife block day after day.

These also make for great magnetic spice racks, if you need more storage space. Just mount a few strips underneath your cabinets, store your spices in small mason jars, and attach them from below.

Need a great knife to go with it?

Everyone who owns a car should also own an OBD-II scanner to diagnose check engine lights, and at $14, there’s no reason not to. There are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth models out there that sync with your phone for a little more money, but this is a great option if you don’t want to futz with apps.

We’ve seen this deal several times before, but it’s still the cheapest you’ll ever see a 10,000mAh USB battery pack.

Summer’s almost here, and if you think you need a new ceiling fan to survive, Amazon’s offering big discounts on over 20 different models from Emerson, today only as part of a Gold Box deal. Prices start at just $90, but head over to Amazon to see the full selection.

Mpow’s FreeBang Bluetooth speaker features dual 5W drivers, IPX7 water resistance, and most impressively, a 4400mAh battery that can charge your phone in a pinch. It’s a little bigger and a little more expensive than most speaker deals we post, but it looks perfect for a trip to the beach.

DIY jerky for $29. Need I say more?

This highly rated BÖHM Bluetooth 40" sound bar is listed at $119 on Amazon right now, but promo code 9IFKWRXY will knock a whopping $48 off the top.

Apple’s Time Capsule is a pretty solid 802.11ac router, but also includes a built-in 2TB hard drive for backing up your files. It’s currently selling for $279 new on Amazon, but Best Buy will sell you a refurb for $170 today. That’s actually $9 less than Apple’s refurb pricing.

Anker, purveyor of your favorite battery packs, charging cables, and Bluetooth speakers, also makes some advanced LED desk lamps, and a pair of them are on sale today.

The standard Lumos lamp includes four different lighting temperatures for different times of the day, as well as five dimming modes, and even a USB charging port for your phone. We see a lot of deals on desk lamps, and $34 is a fantastic price for that feature set.

If only the best will do, the Lumos E1 is also on sale for an all-time low $59. Compared to the standard Lumos, the E1 includes brighter bulbs, an extra color temperature, an extra dimming level, and an extra charging port.

Jackery, despite the silly name, makes many popular and well-reviewed USB battery packs, and their newest model just got a solid launch discount.

The Jackery Bolt (pictured above) is a little expensive at $20 for 6,000mAh, but it includes a built-in Lightning and microUSB cable, so you won’t have to worry about carrying a spare. If you’re the forgetful type, that’s well worth the price premium.

Newegg’s back at it again with the special PS4 eBay bundles, and this time around you can get a PS4 Battlefront bundle along with copies of Dark Souls III and Fallout 4 for $389. True, that’s $39 more than you’d pay for the Battlefront bundle alone, but you’d probably expect to pay about $100 for the two extra games, so if you want them both, it’s a very solid discount.

Nikon’s D3300 is one of the easiest entry level DSLRs to get started with if you want to learn the basics of photography, and BuyDig will sell you a refurb with a kit lens today for just $309 with promo code 5HPX.

For comparison’s sake, Amazon’s currently selling this for $447 new, and it carries a 4.8 star review average from over 750 customers.

Whether you’re starting your Philips Hue collection, or just need some extra bulbs, you won’t find a better deal today than this three-bulb starter kit for $135 on Amazon. Even if you already have a Bridge, this would represent a solid discount on the bulbs, which normally sell for $60 each.

Note: This is the first generation starter kit, which features dimmer bulbs compared to the current model, and a bridge that isn’t compatible with Apple HomeKit.

The compact Ninja Master Prep is one of the more versatile kitchen gadgets you can own, and it’s down to $30 today on Amazon, within $3 of its all-time low.

Want to mix up a frozen smoothie? Chop some onions? Puree a few tomatoes? The Ninja is designed for all of that, and includes two different-sized jars and blade sets to handle your disparate kitchen duties. You can’t say that about most blenders.

Despite the low price, the Ninja has a stellar 4.5 star review average on Amazon, which would be impressive for any inexpensive blender, let alone one as versatile as this.

If the power at your house can be a little spotty, this $20 APC backup UPS is designed specifically to keep your modem and router running for up to three hours on battery power, so you won’t have to lose touch with the world.

You probably spend at least a few hours a day in front of a keyboard, so you really should give mechanical key switches a try.

This Monoprice full-sized mechanical keyboard features versatile red switches, and is marked down to $40 today. That’s one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on any mechanical keyboard, and hovering near impulse purchase territory, if you still haven’t experienced one for yourself.

If you have any old SSDs or hard drives lying around, you can plug them into this docking station to access the contents over USB. If this is going to be a permanent fixture on your desk, it might even be worth buying an SSD just for it, to create an ultra-fast external drive.

If you don’t already have a multi-port USB charger plugged in everywhere you spend a significant amount of time, there’s nothing stopping you today. Just use promo code VXMOQ74S at checkout to knock this 6-port model down to $12.

Note: The code only applies to the white model.

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