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The Beauty of Martial Arts and Self Defense in GIFs

This is virtuosity.Truly. read more

Phones don’t get much bigger than Xiaomi’s whopping, rumored Mi Max

The picture shows a smartphone in a jeans pocket, which is supposed to highlight how compact the Mi Max will be, despite a big screen size.Related: Hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro The photo joins an official event teaser posted by Xiaomi on the Weibo social network, which says the Max will be announced on May 10. read more

How about this awesome ‘jet engine’ chair for the office?

Fancy this as your next office chair?The amazing design is actually the cover of a 737 jet engine, and, with its black leather interior and swiveling base, wouldn’t look out of place beneath a Bond villain’s butt. read more

Gaming: The Rewards loyalty program is here! | Community

Here’s how it works: You earn Rewards Points for activities like playing games, participating in the community, and using the Gaming Evolved app to optimize games.Then you can browse the Rewards Store in the AMD Gaming Evolved app and spend points on an ever changing inventory -- free games, hardware, discounts, sweepstakes entries, and much more! read more

Xiaomi boss can’t help show off what could be the Mi Band 2

A new wearable that may be the Mi Band 2.It wasn’t named as the Mi Band 2, but a sequel to the Mi Band is perhaps overdue, and has been rumored for a while. read more

Alien: Isolation Fanart Really Nails The 'Deserted Space Station' Feel

Retro tech, abandoned coffee cups, unmade beds, monitors saying “LOST CONTACT” in all caps.Yep, that’s a deserted Alien space station, alright. read more

Dial 1 for euphoria: What happens when we can zap our brains into any mood?

The leading device in the sector, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator, retails for around $600 – although some insurance companies and Medicaid will pick up the tab.While the current stimulators follow a standard protocol, new research by companies like Fisher Wallace, hospitals like Mt. read more

Japanese Factories at Night Are Magnificent

Plus, there’s a nice Final Fantasy VII vibe going on.A real vibe, at that. read more

Astronaut Tim Peake just ran the London Marathon – in space

British astronaut Tim Peake refused to let the small matter of being 200 miles above Earth prevent him from taking part in the London Marathon on Sunday.A particularly cool feature meant the visuals matched the speed at which Peake ran, with VR avatars of others using the app appearing around him as he proceeded along the course. read more

Super luxurious version of the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch expected in 2017

The de Grisogono Gear S2 costs around $15,000, and is a limited edition with only 100 made each month, all of which are selling out according to the report.The Gear S3, or whatever it ends up being named, is also a mystery, with this being the first main discussion about such a device. read more

Super Mario Maker: Designing a Challenge

An easily accessible Super Mario level design tool, officially made by Nintendo.and Super Mario Bros. read more

Google has a plan to stop its top talent jumping ship

Launch an incubator within Google so entrepreneur-minded employees can pitch their ideas directly to the company.Called “Area 120,” the setup will be led by long-time Google executives Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz, The Information reported after speaking to insiders with knowledge of the matter. read more

Meet a Guy Who Checks 3,000 Kit Kats Per Minute

Making Japanese Kit Kats sure seems fun.To ensure that only decent wafers end up sold, a factory worker spot checks them. read more

The Mpow Armor Plus Bluetooth speaker is built like a tank and steeled against the elements

Mobile accessory manufacturer Mpow has taken travel-ready ruggedness to the next level with its ultra-durable Bluetooth speaker, the Armor Plus.The speaker is able to survive drops from several feet onto concrete with only minor scratches to show for it. read more

An Italian company wants to turn the high seas into futuristic suburbs

Artistically designed by the Italy-based company Jet Capsule, the floating concept is a small autonomous vessel that’s essentially a studio apartment on water.Structurally, Jet Capsule’s UFOs measure just over 40 feet in diameter, with much of the vessel’s surface area taken up by a circular ring surrounding the living quarters. read more

5 shows and movie to stream this week: Game of Thrones, a Patton Oswalt special, and more

Related: Between the Streams: Game of Thrones preview, Veep, Jason Bourne, and more This week, HBO’s biggest hits return, Netflix releases Patton Oswalt’s new stand-up special, and Amazon gets an award-winning foreign film.Interestingly, the show has finally caught up to the books, so everything going forward will be a surprise. read more

The Week In Games: These Are Definitely Some Video Games Right Here

You know how most release weeks have one central peg, some highly-anticipated title that a person creating a list can latch onto?This week we’ve got a bunch of smaller titles. read more

Dank and Music Webm 59

marconde prev nextrandomComment ✖PrevTopNextComment Join the mention list if you want to see more!_______If you know the of a song, put it in the comment and I'll edit the desc of that webm. read more

Comic Comp #14 Deathstroke

He enlisted in the army at the age of 16, faking his real age just to serve his country.He served in Korea for a time, until he was relocated to Camp Washington where he met his soon to be wife, Adeline Kane. read more

The gov’t is willing to pay manufacturers and service providers to unlock your phone

The company argued that giving law enforcement an encryption key would threaten the security of its customers’ data — and their privacy.The bill doesn’t specify an amount or set up guidelines as to how much compensation companies would receive. read more