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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Will Be Shown In A Theater This Weekend

On Sunday, for the first time since 2006 (as far as I can tell), Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be screened in a theater—an actual theater.What’s unusual about this showing is that Advent Children has only been shown in U. read more

Twitch Is Giving Out Deodorant At PAX East

If you’ve ever been to a convention, you know what a problem body odor can be.But judging from pictures coming out of PAX East this morning, Twitch is doing its part to help with the smelly crisis. read more

Could the Bitcoin blockchain one day run your entire city?

The smart city is not a pipe dream, but it is a big, intimidating problem.It could also, under a more aggressive model, intentionally funnel people through their day so they end up being exposed to more social interaction, or more community culture. read more

Strong Surface sales highlighted in Microsoft earnings report

This week, Microsoft released an earnings report for the third quarter of its 2016 fiscal year, and the results demonstrate the continued worth of the Surface brand.Despite declines in Windows OEM revenue and phone revenue, the hybrid seems to be going from strength to strength. read more

Blade Runner 2 gets an earlier release date, how does that make you feel?

Alcon Entertainment is the company behind the Blade Runner sequel that will see Harrison Ford return as Detective Rick Dekkard.Ridley Scott will be producing Blade Runner 2 and not directing it, as he’s hard at work on Prometheus 2 AKA Alien: Covenant, but everyone who has been allowed to talk about the project seemed to think it was going in the right direction. read more

21 Instagram tips and tricks you can’t afford to miss

Whether you’ve been highly addicted to Instagram for years now, or you’re just a beginner, these Instagram tips and tricks will help you master this popular app.To register for an Instagram account, download the Instagram app from the aforementioned app stores. read more

Sling TV gets a handful of new channels, while Dish won’t lose them

Not only will the networks not be leaving Dish, but as the cherry on top, several Viacom networks will now be headed to Sling TV.This follows another recent addition of channels to Sling TV, though that one requires some extra thought. read more

Screengrabber NBCSN Cuts Off Pat Foley’s Rant About Late NHL Starts | Jezebel Jennifer Hudson Paid T

Screengrabber NBCSN Cuts Off Pat Foley’s Rant About Late NHL Starts | Jezebel Jennifer Hudson Paid Tribute to Prince With a Rendition of ‘Purple Rain’ and Also I’m Sobbing | Gizmodo An $80M Bank Hack Has Been Blamed on $10 Routers | Gawker U.S. read more

Half-Life's Black Mesa Test Chamber, In LEGO Form

One of the most memorable scenes of Half-Life was right at the beginning, when Gordon Freeman woke up in a severely damaged test chamber, realizing that getting out of the facility will be a bit problematic.LEGO builder Dorian Glacet created a superb diorama, called Resonance Cascade, showing the events that led to this very important moment, using LDD and Mecabricks. read more

DeWalt unplugs its power tools and charges its first-ever Android smartphone

Mainly known for making power tools and hand tools for use in construction sites and the like, DeWalt announced it has partnered up with Global Mobile Communications to release the company’s first-ever smartphone.Finally, you won’t need to take off your gloves to use the MD501’s display. read more

Snapchat’s plastic surgeons bring you real-life nip-tucks from the operating table

Among the niches appearing on the app are a handful of plastic surgeons using it to attract future patients.A board-certified plastic surgeon with his own practice in New York City, Schulman began using Snapchat about a year ago, reports Fox News. read more

Blizzard Characters Make Awesome 2D Sprites

Very cool pixel-art versions of characters from various Blizzard games, that are also in Heroes of the Storm, by Daniel “Abysswolf” Oliver.That’s a 2D Nova, Thrall and Sylvanas above. read more

Are AMD’s 3 new gaming chips destined for PS4K, Xbox One Slim, and Nintendo NX?

Those are all just rumors, though, but they are now rumors AMD has added a lot of new fuel to.So three new SOCs most likely means a PS4 refresh, an Xbox One refresh, and what else? read more

Hillary Clinton PAC spends millions on ‘correcting’ her critics on social media

Bernie has his online army of “bros,” and Trump has his Twitter tirades, but did you know that Hillary Clinton also has an effective weapon in her online arsenal?A PAC that has reportedly received million dollars in funding is pledging to increase its fight against those who personally attack Clinton and her superdelegates on social media. read more

AMD announces x86 licensing deal, $293 million joint venture to build servers for China

Over the past year, AMD has often hinted that it would announce a major new semi-custom win in early 2016.Asked point-blank whether AMD had licensed x86 IP to the THATIC joint venture, CEO Lisa Su confirmed that it had. read more

Amazon starts requiring Prime membership to buy high-profile video games

If you want to purchase GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Far Cry Primal, or Battlefield Hardline directly from Amazon, you can only do so with a Prime membership.Everyone else sees purchase options limited to third-party sellers. read more

Up your golf game with Garmin’s new wearable, the Approach X40

It may not be the most physically active sport around, but when it comes to activity tracking, the game of golf has quite a bit of technology on its side.Especially now that Garmin has unveiled its new Approach X40, a golf band that combines daily activity tracking and Garmin ElevateTM wrist heart rate technology with golf data for more than 40,000 international courses. read more

The Game of Thrones Opening Credits Recreated with Paper

Just time in for the upcoming season 6 premiere, here’s Moleskin doing a stop-motion version of the opening credits with paper cutouts.According to DesignBoom, this took 7,600 paper cutouts to complete. read more

Olympic torch fires up own Twitter account

A torch with a Twitter account?Corny jokes aside, we learned on Thursday that a torch – the Olympic torch, no less – has indeed opened its own Twitter account, a first for this particular burning flame. read more

The 15-inch Notebook 9 is Samsung’s first great laptop

There’s no number pad on the 15-inch Samsung 9, which gives the keys some room to breathe.The Samsung Notebook 9 15-inch laptop offers two USB 3. read more