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Bastion's The Sci-Fi Western I've Been Waiting For

It’s been a long while since I’ve found myself humming a song with an Old Western influence.This is, in part, where the sci-fi fantasy comes in for Bastion. read more

Apple Pay's not to only game in town, as Samsung Pay heads to Singapore

Google introduced Android Pay last year, and Samsung has joined the fray with its own mobile payment system called Samsung Pay.These include, China CITIC Bank, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Guangfa Bank, China Minsheng Banking Corp. read more

Apple suffers China setback as authorities block iTunes movie and book sales

The move comes six months after Apple launched the online store in the Communist nation.Music sales via the store are thought to be unaffected at the current time. read more

The Return of Japan's Strangest English Textbook

Many Japanese think English is a difficult language.A few years ago, Kotaku introduced English Words That Don’t Appear on Tests (here and here). read more

Drone that hit Heathrow plane may actually have been a plastic bag, official says

earlier in the week when a drone reportedly hit a passenger plane coming in to land at London’s Heathrow airport.But after examining Sunday’s events more closely, a government minister on Thursday speculated that rather than a drone, the object may have actually been a plastic bag. read more

Dead or Alive Getting Mouse Pads with 'Life-Size' Boobs

In the past few years, however, the these mouse pads have gotten truly life-sized.To put this into context, this Honoka mouse pad weighs around 2,100 grams, 1,600 of which is the character’s chest and which sounds like serious back problems. read more

Digimon Breeding Is So Complicated, I Had to Make Spreadsheets

While a bit time consuming, it was relatively easy for me to get the digimon I wanted in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.Back in the early 2000s, I was enough into Digimon that I watched (and greatly enjoyed) every episode of the first two seasons. read more

Comic Comp #10 The Klyntar Part. 1/2

I was going to make a mega-comp with about 70 facts, comics, wallpapers.but there's an upload limit so instead I've divided it into 2 parts. read more

PSA: Watch out for this iPhone phishing scam that tries to nab your Apple ID

If you get a text message claiming to be from Apple Support asking you to share details about your Apple ID username and password, don’t take the bait!Related: Apple patent shows headphones that seamlessly switch between wired and wireless The text message was first spotted by The Independent, and has been described in screenshots on Twitter. read more

Snapchat update lets you swap faces with any photo on your phone

With the update installed, you can now face-swap with any image stored in your phone’s photo library.No need to drag your poor cat into the frame anymore, just take a photo separately and use the new filter to swap faces once you’re done. read more

Paying your bills is as easy as taking a photo with Plastiq

It can be a little hard to keep track of bills these days — between electric, gas, rent, loans, and others, there’s always something to pay off.A new app, however, hopes to simplify paying your bills, and all with the simple click of a camera shutter. read more

Turn your patio any crazy color you want with iLumi’s new outdoor LED

Even if you have cool furniture and a high-tech grill, lighting can make or break the ambiance of your patio.To address this, two University of Texas graduates have developed an outdoor smart bulb designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, and to transform your outside space. read more

GE subsidiary FirstBuild’s Pique promises to take the grind out of cold-brew coffee

The newest project from GE subsidiary FirstBuild is Pique, a coffee machine that spits out cold brew in 10 minutes or less.That’s huge, if the company can actually deliver on what it says is a 98-percent reduction in brew time. read more

Alphabet barely misses first-quarter estimates, but ‘moonshots’ surprise

Related: Google becomes Alphabet, and Sundar Pichai begins his reign as Google’s CEO So, what’s to blame for the miss?To some degree, it’s the falling price of Internet ads, a business that remains Google’s — and by extension Alphabet’s — bread and butter. read more

Here are 9 intriguing photos from the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere

So close, yet so far away — that’s how we feel about the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere.With only days to go until the first new episode, The Red Woman, airs, HBO has released nine photos to whet our already-voracious appetites. read more

My fave webms comp, Pt 15

I like webms.Who doesn't like webms? read more

LawBreakers is a master class in arena shooters from the guy who invented them

Backed by Korean publishing powerhouse Nexon, Bleszinski and Boss Key are firing on all cylinders to make LawBreakers stand out from the crowd of emerging, class-based, first-person arena shooters, such as Battleborn and Overwatch.“I played some of these [arena shooters] that came out, and I’m not gonna name names, but they felt paper-thin…I’m bored of most AAA games. read more

The U.S. Army looks to anti-missile technology to help protect its fleet of tanks

Nearly a decade ago, the Israeli defense systems company Rafael debuted an innovative anti-missile defense mechanism designed to protect armored vehicles and tanks from (you guessed it) missiles.Army and Marine Corps are reportedly gearing up to test the system on its tanks. read more

MTV looks to reignite brand with music and more

The network announced new programming today, with MTV President Sean Atkins highlighting its “mission to reignite” the brand.As part of the process, viewers can expect more live music and music-inspired programming, including Wonderland, and new weekly performance series. read more

Who needs a camera roll? You can now take photos and videos within Flipagram

Today Flipagram launched an update to its app that will allow you to add media from your camera — so, instead of needing to upload media from your camera roll, you’ll be able to simply take a photo.Related: New Flipagram camera feature lets you create real-time videos to favorite tunes The feature is called ‘Flipacam,’ and it basically allows you to quickly create ‘Flips’ without having to leave the app. read more