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For whom the ringtone tolls: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s

The latest flagship phones from each company — Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Apple’s iPhone 6S — are marvels of consumer technology.Search functions and notifications are more useful and 3D Touch gives iPhone users new ways to interact with the touchscreen and OS. read more

Rest in streams: How to listen to Prince’s music online

Thankfully, even the most ellusive music artist on the internet is online.Digital Trends compiled all the best possible ways you could enjoy Prince’s music online for you to honor his life in music. read more

Kickstart your sluggish Mac with these 11 tips and tricks

Here are a few tricks for speeding things up, without shelling out a fortune for additional RAM or a faster hard drive.The latest security patches are essential to keeping your Mac running well, and Apple is pretty good about optimizing new releases for better performance. read more

Talk shit, get hit

I liked BvS and I don't think the tomatoscore is always a fair representation of a film's quality, but I love it when people's arrogance blows up in their face.Well I guess he wasn't being totally arrogant, but he sure seemed confident his film was gonna be so much better. read more

You can now use your Amazon Echo to schedule events to your Google Calendar

If you’re an Amazon Echo user, the device’s new feature could be a big step in helping you plan your days and weeks.The latest Echo update allows you to ask Alexa to add items to your Google Calendar. read more

Go green or no home in San Francisco — solar panels become mandatory

That’s the message behind a new San Francisco law effective in January 2017.By that date, all new buildings must use solar energy technology. read more

My fave webms comp, Pt 16

I like webms.Who doesn't like webms? read more

Pearl Mackie Is The Doctor's New Companion

We’ve known for a little while that The Doctor’s next companion has been cast.Now, the BBC has officially revealed who it is: Pearl Mackie. read more

“Oh! THAT memo.” PayPal plans gender equality program with all-male panel

To be totally fair, PayPal panel hosts later said they didn’t mean for it to happen this way.An all-male panel discussion on gender equality scheduled for Wednesday, April 27 at PayPal headquarters raises questions on that very topic, as first reported by NBC news. read more

The feds got into yet another iPhone without Apple

For the second time, federal officials have told the Cupertino-based tech giant “never mind” when it comes to unlocking the iPhone.That case also ended without any participation by Apple, as a yet unidentified third party helped the government access the device. read more

Lawmakers ask National Intelligence director, ‘How many citizens have you spied on?’

“You have willingly shared information with us about the important and actionable intelligence obtained under these surveillance programs,” the letter states, penned by members of the U.“Now we require your assistance in making a determination that the privacy protections in place are functioning as designed. read more

It’s a little easier to watch baseball online this season, but MLB is still throwing curveballs

It may be one of America’s most historical games, but baseball is keeping up with the times.This year, it’s getting a little bit easier to watch your favorite MLB teams go up to bat online instead of in front of your television screen. read more

Overwatch Ford S650 Supertruck Hits A Car At PAX East

Of all the people to stumble upon an Overwatch car accident.Randy Pitchford was exiting the main theater of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, having just finished showing off his studio’s competitive online multiplayer game, Battleborn. read more

Tinker Crate will have your kids bolting to the mailbox for monthly tech projects

Science project kits.It’s a subscription service where you pay $20/month get a new toy every month to put together. read more

Over 90 million Mexican voting records leaked online

Yet another data breach has grabbed international headlines, and this one involves the voting registration records of some 93.In a blog post, he noted that he immediately contacted both American and Mexican authorities (the U. read more

Overwatch Ford S650 Supertruck Crashes Into Civilian Vehicle At PAX East

Blizzard’s cross-promotion between Overwatch and Uber for PAX East hit a snag last night, when Soldier: 76's Ford S650 Supertruck took out the side of a car.Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford reports. read more

Mercedes-Benz aims to conquer land and sea with its Arrow460-Granturismo yacht

The German automaker calls it the “Silver Arrow of the Seas,” and claims it combines the performance of the brand’s most potent sports cars with the boat industry’s latest innovations.In stormy seas, you’ll probably wish you were on a freighter. read more

‘Roll-away’ feature not on option list, Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.1 million vehicles

Enough people were apparently confused by the automatic gearshift designs on some 2012-2015 Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep cars and SUVs that Fiat Chrysler has just issued a recall of 1.1 million vehicles that could roll away, according to a BBC report. read more

Supergiant's Audacious New Game Pyre Is Sort Of A Mystical Sports RPG

After making two terrific action RPGs, the people behind Bastion and Transistor are throwing a curveball with their new game Pyre.Now they’re making a party-based RPG in which the battles play out like three-on-three sports competitions. read more

Bloom’s new trading feature lets parents buy, sell baby gear locally

Combining the functionality of sites like Craigslist and Quora, parenting app Bloom has launched a new feature that lets new and upcoming parents locally trade goods related to the care of their children.In short, parents can ask questions about specific products and look for other parents in their area who are interested in selling these products. read more