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Recaps, decaps, and spoilers: The top 10 Game of Thrones episodes

9) Hardhome (Season 5, Episode 8) Remember this guy?7) Kissed by Fire Season (Season 3, Episode 5) Things get steamy up in the North. read more

China’s National Space Administration just announced plans to land on Mars by 2020

In a rare news conference, Xu Dazhe, the head of the China National Space Administration, has reiterated the country’s plan to land on Mars by 2020, according to the Associated Press.This is China’s second significant space exploration announcement this week. read more

Please disperse! Inkas’ Sentry APC now features riot-control tech, acoustic hailer

In 2015, the Inkas Armored Sentry APC was quite the capable machine.The upgraded, next-generation Sentry now features potent riot-control technology, including a powerful acoustic hailing device that can be used to address and deal with unruly crowds. read more

Ingenious Brazilian billboards use fake sweat to attract and kill Zika-carrying mosquitos

The designers say this cocktail will attract mosquitos from as far as 2.Fluorescent tube lights further direct the mosquitos inside, and coax them into a one-way tube. read more

Cable subscription optional: Here’s how to watch Game of Thrones online

There’s the aforementioned HBO Now, HBO’s standalone streaming service, and HBO Go, a streaming service that comes bundled with your cable subscription.It’s still a valid one, though, assuming you already have an HBO subscription with your cable provider. read more

Overwatch Player Is A Wall Riding Fiend

Rollerblading healer hero Lucio is one of my favorite characters to play in Overwatch.The simple act of skating around feels great, especially when you’re riding walls like gravity’s just another rail ripe for grinding. read more

Fooling around with nanowires, a UCI scientist finds recipe for lifelong batteries

However, if they happened to be a researcher at the University of California, Irvine, messing around at work could mean stumbling across a revolutionary new finding.Just this week, a team of scientists at UCI reportedly found a way to make lithium-ion batteries stay effective after hundreds of thousands of recharges — aka an eternity. read more

Zotac teases tether-free VR gaming using a Zbox mini-PC stuffed into a backpack

The company doesn’t provide any details other than its powered by a Zbox and what appears to be the HTC Vive and its controllers.” The video is likely based on Zotac’s upcoming VR-ready Magnus EN980 Zbox mini-PC. read more

How the DMCA silences cybersecurity experts, and makes all of us more vulnerable

“There’s a provision that says if there’s any kind of technological protection method, security researchers can’t bypass that,” Jason told us.” It’s a question of whether secrecy is a good enough substitute for extensive security research. read more

MSI’s new gaming PC takes aggressive styling to a new level

Around the lab, we’re becoming more accustomed to seeing cases with colorful lights and tank-tread bodies, but MSI clearly wants its’ new Aegis gaming PC to leave a mark — and boy, is it working.If you haven’t already noticed, the Aegis has a standout design feature, with an angled chassis that sits atop the 350-watt power supply. read more

A swing and a miss: ten car brands that didn’t make it

Fiat didn’t put its name on a front-wheel drive car until it launched the 128 in 1969.Broadly speaking, the idea was to create a new kind of car company that would operate more independently than other brands in GM’s portfolio like Chevrolet, Buick, and Oldsmobile. read more

Legless duck walks again with 3D printed prosthetic feet built by middle schoolers

A middle school class at a local Wisconsin school put their technology and engineering lessons to good use by 3D printing a pair of duck feet that have Philip up and waddling once again.Then she stumbled across the videos Jason Jischke’s South Park Middle School class had posted online, showcasing their MakerBot Replicator Mini in action. read more

Deal alert! The Alcatel POP 7 LTE has Android 6.0 and costs only $130

The new 7-inch POP 7 LTE tablet was built for T-Mobile, and packs a 1,024 x 600 pixel display.That’s not the best part though — the best part is that it comes at a tiny $130. read more

Crispy Rice Cooker lets you push a button and walk away

The technique for making tahdig involves boiling the rice, frying the crispy layer, then cooking it again.Soheil Shahrooz hopes to simplify the process with his Crispy Rice Cooker. read more

Many EU companies have no clue where their private cloud data is physically stored

So where exactly is your data stored in the cloud?” The data awareness arrives as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted by the European Union last week to beef up and unify data protection. read more

Between the Streams: Game of Thrones preview, Jason Bourne, and spoiler rules

There’s only one thing on our minds this week, and it’s likely the same that’s on yours.That’s right, I’m talking about HBO’s flagship, the wacky crew from Westeros, it’s Game of Thrones. read more

Amazon refusing to sell certain video games, movies to non-Prime members

It seems, however, that Amazon is testing an experiment in multiple markets (both the UK and US are reportedly affected).Some video games and movies are only available from Amazon if you’re actually a Prime member. read more

Neil deGrasse Tyson says it’s ‘very likely’ the universe is a simulation

At the most recent Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate, recently held at New York’s Hayden Planetarium, scientists gathered to address the question for the year: Is the universe a computer simulation?And, if our universe were a big, elaborate lie, could we ever devise some test to prove that fact? read more

Microsoft and Google kiss and make up to avoid tangling with regulators

After years of patent and regulatory complaints against one another, Microsoft and Google have managed to put aside their differences to focus on competing via the “merits” of their products, rather than through legal proceedings.“Our companies compete vigorously, but we want to do so on the merits of our products, not in legal proceedings,” a Google spokesperson told Digital Trends. read more

Do you think your ISP is cheating you? These speed test sites will help you prove it

me is an HTML5-based speed test that’s lightweight and designed to replicate real-world browsing and downloading conditions by requesting a series of files in increasing size and recording the speed at which they’re downloaded.Not only does the site display a graph of speeds achieved in real-time, but also allows you to track your results against previous tests. read more