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Spotify matches users with their inner Game of Thrones character in fun new feature

Think of yourself as more of a musical Ned Stark, or are you — like me, apparently — a lowly Theon Greyjoy?Spotify has added a new Game of Thrones feature which allows fans to match with their favorite characters’ music taste. read more

Deadspin Hurricanes Twitter Account Owns Guy So Hard, His Ancestors Weep In Shame | The Muse There’s

Deadspin Hurricanes Twitter Account Owns Guy So Hard, His Ancestors Weep In Shame | The Muse There’s a Very Simple Reason Why Game of Thrones Is Bad Now | Gizmodo A Scientific Guide to the Fantastical Predators in Game of Thrones | Gawker Give Meaning to Your Feelings With the Prince Thinkpiece Generator | read more

Airtime app lets you hang out with friends in a digital chat room, share clips, tunes

That’s why he’s relaunching Airtime, a mobile chat room where you can share things like photos, music, and videos with your friends, which they will all get to see at the same time.Unlike other social media networks, which are largely based on person-to-person interactions, Airtime is aimed at simulating what it’s like to have all your friends in the same room. read more

Faraday Future’s Chinese patron rolls out its own electric concept car

That’s not unlike the “Summon” feature available on the Tesla Model S, a car the LeSee seems to target.Hopefully, LeEco will further explain the LeSee’s identity and features in more detail at the car’s auto-show debut next week. read more

What The Heck Happened In Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture? A Guide.

Upon first amplifying the pattern at the observatory, both Stephen and Kate are burned by radiation from the telescope.Eventually Stephen learns the symptoms that accompany human contact with the Pattern—people start by getting nosebleeds and headaches, then begin hemorrhaging and eventually die or disappear. read more

Bass prodigy Tal Wilkenfeld can’t be bothered with your petty laptop speakers

If you’re talking about bass prodigy Tal Wilkenfeld, then the answer lies somewhere down in the subterranean depths of your subwoofer.I’ve come to understand how people can appreciate what I do even out of a laptop, even though laptop speakers really annoy me. read more

Brilliant MIT student built a robo-gardener to help astronauts grow produce on Mars

The nutrient-rich water filters into a reservoir, and the system is designed to monitor the garden as it grows so astronauts can focus on other tasks.Sensors track each plant’s vital signs and resources, gauging water temperature, pH level, and humidity within the pods. read more

Here’s what’s new on Amazon Prime Video for May

While many TV releases are scheduled rather late in the month — the first new show hits Amazon on May 16th — there are plenty of new movies being added early in May to tide you over.Related: Thousands of Movies & TV Shows on Amazon Prime. read more

How do we teach robots right from wrong? Soon the problem won’t be hypothetical

The key factor in successfully building autonomous machines that coincide symbiotically with human beings is ethics.So as we build autonomous machines to be ethical, we’re building within the confines of our existing disparities. read more

Fallout 4's Best Companion Needs To Take A Hint

Bless Fallout 4 players who are truly making the most out of the Wasteland Workshop DLC.The screenshot above comes to us via lady-of-rohan, a Fallout 4 player desperate for Nick Valentine’s attention. read more

Calling all socialites: Chevy’s 2016 Cruze wants to connect

Refinement in the suspension geometry and a quicker steering rack give the 2016 Cruze an enthusiastic driving nature, perhaps only bested by the Mazda3.All told, the weight reduction and handling tweaks have retuned the Cruze to the compact driver’s car podium. read more

The UFC Is Totally Blowing It With Conor McGregor

“I am paid to fight,” McGregor wrote on Facebook, saying that he asked for a “slight adjustment” to his promotional duties for UFC 200.Unless somebody does something drastic, McGregor will not be fighting at UFC 200. read more

Upcoming Nvidia GTX 1080 pictured, may not use HBM2

It’s no secret that AMD and Nvidia are planning to launch new GPUs in the next few months, but there are still questions about configurations and technology.Initially, we expected these new cards to use the HBM2 memory standard, but the persistent rumor has been that AMD’s upcoming Polaris would be GDDR5 based. read more

Hearthstone players to get 13 free packs for Whispers of the Old Gods release

If you were looking for a reason to get back into Hearthstone — or couldn’t find a reason to stick with it — the new expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, drops on April 26.If a new expansion still isn’t enough to get you back into Hearthstone, how about 13 free packs of expansion cards for little to no effort on your part? read more

Samsung TVs get HBO Now just ahead of this weekend’s Game of Thrones premiere

This weekend sees the return of some of HBO’s most popular shows, including the juggernaut Game of Thrones, as well as Silicon Valley and Veep.Owners of Samsung TVs can now just kick back and wait, as the HBO Now app arrived on the platform Thursday, allowing them to sign up for the service from the comfort of their living rooms. read more

Five Dark Souls 3 Enemies Who Are Just The Worst

Each Dark Souls 3 enemy is horrible in its own way.This is Dark Souls, though. read more

NBA commissioner says Nike’s tech will take NBA to a level Adidas never reached

The Nike swoosh will not be swooping in on NBA apparel until the 2017-2018 NBA season, but the league’s head honcho is already singing its praises.A year after Nike signed an eight-year deal to be the new official provider of NBA apparel, NBA commissioner Adam Silver says Nike will take the NBA to a level Adidas never did. read more

announces editorial promotions, new hires

Portland, OR – April 21, 2016 – Digital Trends today announced several promotions and new hires as the centerpiece of a restructuring designed to address the growing consumer demand for news, reviews, and information on personal technology.The appointments, made by Jeremy Kaplan, Editor in Chief for Digital Trends (www. read more

SiriusXM honors Prince with new 24/7 tribute channel

Mourning Prince fans with a satellite radio subscription can now drown their sorrows for 24 hours a day, via the service’s newly launched Prince Tribute Channel.“To honor his legacy and his incredible body of work, SiriusXM will create a special channel that will be devoted to his artistic genius. read more

VR films inspire awe and hour-long lines at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival

Last year, the Tribeca Film Institute proclaimed the Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) would be “the new home for the virtual reality revolution” and this year it opened up a new VR area at the show.All of the virtual reality films on display were accompanied with some sort of physical installations inspired by the film. read more