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Cancel your weekend plans — watch Game of Thrones with HBO freebie

So much, in fact, that you’ll be able to watch the hit show this weekend — for free.Just in time for the highly anticipated premiere of GOT’s sixth season, HBO has announced a free preview weekend. read more

What A Video Game Producer Actually Does

“Everybody’s excited,” says Ryan Treadwell, a producer at the game studio Certain Affinity.Most casual observers understand the role of a programmer, an artist, or even a sound engineer, but the word “producer” is more vague. read more

Fossil fuels are not over, Shell shows 107 mpg concept car

The oil giant just announced the design model and fuel consumption test results of The Shell Concept Car, as reported in Car Dealer Magazine.The Shell Concept Car is a three-seater (driver in front, two passengers in back) intended primarily for city use. read more

Volvo plans to go all-electric, sets a goal to make 1 million electric cars by 2025

Today, The Swedish car manufacturer put quantities and dates on goals it first published in its Volvo Cars Sustainability Report 2015.Related: Volvo wants to replace keys with smartphone apps Volvo has been developing two platforms for five years for its future hybrid and all-electric vehicles. read more

This Is What Happens When I Don’t Play A Game For A While

I’d already finished the game on Xbox One, but I figured what the hell.I reached the end of the bridge, where Lara was supposed to just barely make the leap to safety, and… died. read more

The Acer Aspire S 13 may be punching above its weight

But while the specifications compare well on paper, at first glance it seems the company’s hopes may be misplaced.Most importantly, the Aspire S 13 is thinner —. read more

Die shot shows GTX 1070 GPU, rumors say it will use GDDR5X memory

The die is estimated to be around 333 mm2 in size, and based on a previously leaked photo of the printed circuit board, it will use conventional GDDR5 memory.GDDR5X is also half the size of GDDR5, meaning graphics card makers can cram more memory into the same-sized real estate. read more

1 million people used Facebook through Tor last month

One million people used the privacy service to access Facebook in 30 days, the highest number since Facebook started offering Tor access to its service at facebookcorewwwi.“In June 2015, over a typical 30-day period, about 525,000 people would access Facebook over Tor,” said an announcement from Facebook engineer Alec Muffett, who helped built Facebook’s Tor compatibility. read more

Jon Snow may know nothing, but this AI bot can answer any Game of Thrones question

It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a fan of “Game of Thrones.Related: HBO unveils 9 more captivating photos from Game of Thrones season 6  Not sure who trained Arya Stark in season 5? read more

DT Daily Live: Uber’s $100M lawsuit settlement will have a big impact on its drivers

Ride-sharing company, Uber, just settled a huge driver lawsuit to the tune of $100 million.The settlement has ramifications on how Uber chooses whether or not to let an individual continue as a driver. read more

Researchers discover the key to OLED efficiency – a firefly’s butt

To try and fix that, researchers took inspiration from one of the most efficient light emitters we know of: the humble firefly.These chitinous micro-structures make up the surface of the light emitting portion of the firefly (its butt! read more

The Beautiful Art Of The Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2 is an excellent strategy game, but the one thing fans (or even casual observers) tend to associate most with the series its its absolutely gorgeous 2D art.From epic backgrounds to hand-drawn animation, it’s one of the most beautiful video game series on the planet, so it’s an absolute pleasure today to be able to showcase a range of art from The Banner Saga 2. read more

Uber drivers are still contractors and the company will pay up to $100M in settlements

Here’s the deal: the drivers are still contractors (Score for Uber!The core issue in these two suits (the issue is still pending in Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and other states) is whether the company or the drivers control the drivers. read more

AMD’s Wraith cooler brings its ice age to two more FX-series processors

Introduced earlier this year, the Wraith was initially bundled with the FX 8370 and eventually a few other processors in the FX line.While this is a move that is unlikely to convert Intel die-hards to buy an AMD CPU instead, what this does mean is that AMD’s processors offer even more value than they did before. read more

The end of Mega? Kim Dotcom tells users to back up files ‘ASAP’

That’s according to founder Kim Dotcom, who is currently appealing extradition from New Zealand to the United States on copyright charges.In a recent tweet, Dotcom explains that Mega is running out of money, in part because credit card processors won’t work with the company. read more

Introducing the DT Shop, your stop for gadgets we love at crazy prices

Both at work and at home, we understand that technology is a big part of a modern lifestyle.That’s why we have partnered with StackCommerce to open the DT Shop, an online store dedicated to providing useful gadgets at affordable prices. read more

U.S. Air Force sets world maglev speed record with rocket-propelled sled

A team from the 846th Test Squadron at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico set a new world record with a 513 mph run on March 4.Japan’s Shanghai Maglev Train is the fastest commercial maglev train and connects the Shanghai Pudong International Airport with other outlying parts of Shanghai. read more

DT Giveaway: LG 55-inch 4K TV

Digital Trends is excited to give away this 55-inch UH7700 series Super UHD TV!This ultra-premium LED television sports the latest 4K Ultra HD technology, with support for Dolby Vision HDR and LG’s and IPS 4K Quantum Display for incredible brightness and contrast with over 1 billion colors, bringing you closer than ever before to the experience you get in a movie theater. read more

As if he wasn’t busy enough, Top Gear host Chris Harris will race for Bentley

This weekend, though, Harris won’t be engaging in Top Gear shenanigans or polishing off an article.The Continental GT3 weighs about 2,800 pounds, according to Bentley, compared to 5,060 pounds for a stock Continental GT V8. read more

Rust's Controversial Random Gender Update Has Led To More Players

This is, however, Rust we’re talking about, so players don’t get to choose whether they’re a dude or a lady.Some said Rust had dug its own grave. read more